Welcome On Board…

A balanced, ideally lit and masterfully directed frame is an empty vessel without an idea. Is a well-crafted ship without a purpose, stuck in a harbor or -even worse- wandering without a compass. And yes, we are aware of the “sometimes the destination is the journey” quote. However, this is not the case when it comes to visual storytelling. As for our case, we transform ideas into maps, guiding the audience towards a destination through a fascinating journey, Cinematic ideas. Advertising ideas. Documentary ideas. So, since we believe you got the idea, enough with the metaphorical prelude…

Why Coming On Board?

Because we are more than a mere sum of professionals.

We are a cluster of experts -cinematographers, scriptwriters, sound and light designers, et al- covering a wide range of specialties, providing an ad hoc set of services according to every project’s needs.

We are also committed to creating engaging narratives. After all, in a world -both digital and physical- full of stimuli, engagement is what truly matters, right?

Plus, we are familiar with the fascinating Greek landscape. The entire country is a breathtaking canvas of natural beauty, architecture and beyond, and we know our way around it.

What We Do

Well, we are a company. And we produce. But we feel like the term “production company” is somewhat restrictive.

Yes, we do television shows, we film ad spots, we are into movies (low or high budget). But we also generate compelling social media content for aspiring or big brands.We create 2D and 3D animation. We are into new media and post-production. We also love nature and traveling, and we have managed to specialize in productions focusing on either one.

After all, nomen est omen. We wouldn’t choose such a name if we weren’t meant to support its essence, right?

Being On Board Means…

Being part of a strong partnership with experienced professionals, who can provide you with cost-efficient solutions, while maintaining a proper artistic and production level. After all, efficiency sometimes is not a matter of budget, but of resourcefulness. This way, we manage to create visual narratives with high production value that fit the objective. Plus, we can complete a production’s DNA with every necessary element. Sometimes, all you have is a script -or less than that, just an idea.

Feel free to contact us, and see how can we complement your endeavor. Who knows, maybe a phone call or an email is what stands between your inspiration and the red carpet…

Our Services…

A one stop shop for all your video productions, WoB takes care of the whole process, from start to finish


Come inside and watch our video production showreel to give you a flavour of how we can help you.



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